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About Us

As a company that put its customers ahead of everything, rek supplies sanitization machines within asia, especially for the food processing and producing industry, pharmaceutical industry and more. Rek has all the unique equipment that is meant to suit all their customers’ needs, whether it is for individual consumers or major multinational companies. Our products are designed and built centrally at the local headquarters in kedah, malaysia in a great production facilities to ensure guaranteed support and good hygiene for the products we produce. Our intention is not solely profit-making but also to enable significant growth in our customers and assist them to finance the development of quality services through the usage of our products. As an established company, our priorities are maintaining employment stability, including providing a stable working environment that respect diversity, creative ideas and everyone’s hard work.


Featured Article in MIDA E-Newsletter (July 2020)

REK Engineering Machinery:

Providing Sanitisation Solutions for Public Health & Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a rise in global awareness for public health and safety.

REK Engineering Machinery (REK), a local champion in the area of hygiene and sanitisation equipment and devices, are among companies that find themselves being at the right place and time in terms of their business prospects.

The company aims to provide comprehensive and customised solutions to ensure public health and safety.

Prior to the pandemic situation, their solutions have already been efficiently keeping people safe from the host of bacteria, viruses and germs which are transmittable through commonly touched surfaces. Over the years, REK has established a strong relationship with vendors and distributors in Malaysia, Thailand,Philippines, India and Sri Lanka.

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Food hygiene, pharma, industrialand more… Furthermore, rek also specialises in an increasingly popular range of infectious control solutions via the sterilisation of of children’s toy sand products, kindergarten and early learning centres, and sterilisation and cleaning systems for supermarket, hypermarket and airport trolleys and baskets. Rek specialist equipmentand devices are designed and manufactured locally at our production facility in kedah.

Our Clients

Why Choose Us


Disinfectant are certified Halal by JAKIM.


Disinfectant produced in Malaysia and undergo an intensive research by a group of researchers of local university.


Registered under Medical Device Authority (MDA). It meets the requirement in the third schedule of Medical Device Regulation 2012 by TUV SUD Malaysia.


Classified as high-level disinfectants (HDL) with non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic substances.


Complies the ISO13485 (International Quality Management System for Medical Device) standard


Disinfectant used are vinegar-based disinfectant which is an organic compound. Disinfectants will be degraded or stabilised naturally.

Company Introduction

REK Engineering Machinery Sdn. Bhd. specialized in the development and sales of hygiene machines and sanitation machines. After years of development, REK has established a mature sales and laundry agency network. REK machine runs in about five [5] countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India. All REK machines are certified designed and own patented rights with premium quality and stable performance in the market.

REK has supplied sanitation machines for sanitary service providing companies within Asia all areas of the food-producing and processing industry, the pharmaceutical sector, and numerous industrial/companies. Further increasingly this year, REK high throughput range is washing and drying hygiene systems for supermarket consumer loading trolleys and airport trolleys.

As a family-owned business, REK has unique equipment to meet the needs of all customers, from the smallest concerns to major multinational companies. Our equipment is designed and built at our centrally located in Sungai Petani, Kedah Malaysia offices and production facilities, from where we also operate our after-sales service and support operations.

Over the years, REK has developed its business by continually offering innovative solutions at affordable prices.

Company Vision

Hygiene is a set of practices performed for the preservation of health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.

Whereas in popular culture and parlance it can often mean mere 'cleanliness', hygiene in its fullest and original meaning goes much beyond that to include all circumstances and practices, lifestyle issues, premises, and commodities that engender a safe and healthy environment.

While in modern medical sciences there is a set of standards of hygiene recommended for different situations, what is considered hygienic or not can vary between different cultures, genders, and age groups.

Company Mission

REK Engineering Machinery Sdn. Bhd. is a company dedicated to supporting sanitation and hygiene to contribute to preserving nature or at the very least minimize the harms that we inflict on it in our everyday living.

We intend to make enough profit to generate a significant return for our customers and to finance continued growth and continued development in quality services via our product. We will also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

Keys to Success

The keys to the success of the Company are:

Secure Customers - contract to supply of Beyond 2002™ sterilization machine currently in operation at our customers' premises. We have a minimum of ten [10] units and five years of operation in the service field.

Operation - strong senior management with extensive experience in manufacturing operations.

Engineering - the Managing Director has solid experience in the machine manufacturing process and equipment improvement that will drive the operation towards manufacturing efficiency.

Quality - the business development director has extensive experience in manufacturing, developing new businesses, and implementing Quality Management systems based on ISO standards.


Elan Tamilan Thanimalai, Managing Director, has a 14-year of experience in various aspects of the hygienic machine and sanitation machine development industry. He has a solid background in a customized machine built and maintenance and owns patented rights for two [2] machines. He founded REK Engineering Machinery Sdn Bhd on April 11, 2011, focusing on sales and services related to sanitation and sterilization machinery.

Our Expertise

REK has been experiences built machines for customers:
  • Mad sealing machine - Floor mat pasting for a damaged surface.
  • To sterilization of the sanitary bin with hot water and annihilate the gems.
  • Easy wash 1001 [Version 1]
  • Easy wash 2002 [Version 2]
  • Both version 1 and 2 has been certified with patented rights.

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